If you are like me, you know that there are a lot of things that we need to do in order to keep ourselves performing at optimal levels. However, keeping these things conscious is not always easy… The inability to keep things conscious in our minds can have consequences spanning from forgetting your keys at home or in my case a slump. If there is one thing I don’t like is not getting work done so I have made it a focus in my life to figure out “personalized life hacks” to keep myself running at an optimal level and sticking to them. But even though I have a list of these things, it does not always mean that everything on this list gets done, especially in the beginning. I am assuming that you are reading this because you have a similar problem. I hope what I figured out for myself will be able to help you in your journey.

Getting Started

I have always been the person who got excited and bit off more than I could chew and I’m not just talking about at the dinner table… In my mind, I was half superman half, Traven, meaning that I thought I could endure whatever task or goal that I had. But this was not always true, I realized that I would usually accomplish small – 70% meaningful goals. But the big 100% goals would never be hit nor would I feel significant progress is made. This was for two reasons, one because of all the different goals that I had in different verticals of life (physical, mental, business, etc..) and two was my mindset. As a high achiever, I would always be the most critical of myself and come down on myself hard, the biggest change to my mindset was telling myself that my minor screw-ups were not only ok but a part of the process.

Accepting The Process

Changing my mindset was/is not an easy task. It’s not something that someone can tell you and then it’s fixed. It’s more relevant to what I would imagine a spiritual journey is like where you disconnect from the world to find yourself. The reason why I say this is because that is the first step, you need to find out and know who you are and this inherently takes time. Taking a long time is a part of the process so don’t worry and be patient with yourself. Once I started meditating it was easier to grasp this concept more. During one of my meditation sessions, the instructor said something along the lines of “catching yourself not focusing on your breath is fine and don’t beat yourself up for it, just go back to your breath.” That resulted in a chain reaction of thoughts in my head. The conclusion of it was that everyone has the same issue and that even though I have these goals and straying off the path might seem like the end of the world. The path actually sways with me and that I should just spend my time loving the journey and the process and not keep looking down at the one foot that went off the path.


Before I figured out the “not beating myself up” part, I had already taken a strategic step without noticing it. I started making my big goals a higher priority, however, due to time restraints, I only choose to focus on one big goal at a time. Once I choose what that one thing is, I made it a priority. Now once I make that one thing a priority I found that in the beginning it took a lot of mental energy to execute and I spend more time pondering about it. But after a couple weeks of executing it, it became second nature. And of course I did miss a couple days, but now I don’t look down upon myself for it. Rather I try to understand myself more so that I can almost predict when I will miss one of my goal moving tasks.


Keeping things conscious is a problem we all face and there is no one solution fits all to solve everyone’s problem. The process that worked well for me and that I am still on, is understand yourself and that the process includes mistakes, and finally choose one thing and make it a priority.

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