Hey, what’s up everybody. Today, I am reading Pacific Business News. Today is January 29th and Pacific Business News comes out every Friday. It’s Friday the 29th If you guys want to follow and check out what I am reading. I’m reading a part about scholarships and how there’s a scholarship foundation and it looks like come from The Sunrise Rotary Club. They are giving out three scholarships: one is for $5,000 with the option to follow on for another $10,000 if I’m reading this correctly, and other two are $1,500. So altogether, this looks like a $18,000 opportunity. What I found really troubling about in this article is that they’re giving out so much money and there’s no question that a lot of students need this money to go to school but as of last week, there were no applicants for this scholarship. This is a great preview of what I’m going to come up with a little bit about inefficiencies in the process of scholarships but what the result finally ends is lack of applicants and a lot of money that goes unclaimed every year and this article is a prime example that happens locally. I’m sure they’re not the only one at this point and it’s just really sad to say but I’m not bashing them in any way. It’s just it happens because of the process. Like I said, I don’t want to mess up with the next one but there’s a lot of processes that we have to do for this but as of right now, this scholarship is doing February 7th. Go to kahalasunriserotary.org if you qualified for it. Lets make sure that this scholarship goes claimed. Thanks.